Distracted driving is a complex issue. We live in a fast paced culture that has many addicted to technology and a blind eye to the risks and tragedies of distracted driving. The light comes on after the devastating event has taken place; a time victims are overwhelmed with grief and unaware of what is next, then they turn their grief into action.

The Issue

Efforts to build awareness by families and victims of distracted driving soared in the years leading up to 2011 due to a strong outreach and collaboration. Several families and groups met to share experiences, raise awareness and move public outreach to introduce legislation. However, over time the collaborative nature of this important work lost its momentum. Basically, what started as a common bond of grief that fostered the fight to raise awareness, increase education, and support research and legislative efforts changed and there is the need to regroup and redefine.

While the issue of distracted driving has taken on new challenges due to the ever-evolving state of technology and its uses, the tragedies are multiplying. The media continues to share stories of horrific crashes many that were the result of distracted driving. With each crash, there remains a family and victim grieving and searching for answers. Where to turn, who can help, is there someone to speak with to aid in the time of need and what can be done to help end this danger behavior.

The Purpose

National Alliance for Distraction Free Driving (NADFD) mission it to bring together victims, legislators, law enforcement, traffic safety leaders and industry to create a culture for distraction-free driving.

NADFD has been created to be the connector.

What is known is that what was only a few years ago for the victims is much different today as in-vehicle technology and driver distractions continue are growing and ever-changing. The legislative process, investigations, and reporting are unable to keep up. The questions remain the same however the answers change as the each new case is unveiled. What is known is that sharing among victims and the partners they collaborate with is helpful and effective to change the landscape to create distraction-free roads.

The issue of distracted driving is too vast now for any one agency or organization to tackle on its own. Solving the problem requires the bonding of many with experience, information and resources working together to become more powerful that standing along.

Cultural change depends on committed people with and the heart, and passion for creating the movement and momentum. Coming from different backgrounds, with different stories and have different areas of expertise. All sharing a common grief and embracing what is different.

Together we can make an impact.

This is an urgent situation. As an alliance, we can empower our communities to take control and change the future. We can bring about effective and efficient programs.

Successful alliances are built on the idea that every member benefits from cooperative effort. NADFD will effectively secure a sustainable future for all individuals and organizations involved in the fight to end senseless deaths on the roads resulting from distraction. NADFD will foster enthusiasm and energy and will develop shared initiatives to accomplish positive outcomes.

NADFD will be the powerful force for positive change in our communities and across our nation made up of distracted driving−awareness advocates, “the army of families on a rampage to end the epidemic of distracted driving.”